BYREDO Vanille Antique 50ml extrait de parfum

BYREDO Vanille Antique 50ml extrait de parfum

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BYREDO Vanille Antique. Extrait de parfum - 50ml .

Uutuus - osa Byredon "night veils"kokoelmaa.

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BYREDO Vanille Antique. Extrait de parfum in 50ml size.

This scent is latest addition to Byredo's "night veils"-collection.

Please note that BYREDO items are delivered only to Finland.

Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night. Like flowers that release their headiest scent at twilight, these penetrating concentrates of perfume are made from noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care.
Vanille Antique is the first titular Byredo fragrance centered around perfumery’s rarest raw ingredient. Here, the smoky scent of vanilla bean becomes charged with history and character; transforming into something unexpected, less syrupy and more nuanced. The expected sweetness of vanilla is cut through by textures of earthiness and darkness, a warming mix of cashmere wood, ciste and musk form an intoxicating ambrosia.

Distilled into a pure essence utilizing time-honored techniques, a small amount works closer to the skin and radiates through the heat of the body, lingering for many hours.

Vanille Antique perfume extract is:

  • Top: freesia , plum
  • Heart: amber , cashmere woods
  • Base: madagascar vanilla beans , cistus oil

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