BYREDO Reine de Nuit 50ml extrait de parfu

BYREDO Reine de Nuit 50ml extrait de parfu

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BYREDO Reine de Nuit. Extrait de parfum - 50ml .

Osa Byredon "night veils"-kokoelmaa.

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BYREDO Reine de Nuit. Extrait de parfum in 50ml size.

This item is part of Byredo's "night veils"-collection.

Please note that BYREDO items are delivered only to Finland.

Distilled into a pure essence, each Night Veils fragrance taps noble raw materials chosen with meticulous care. With its high concentration, this new quartet reinvents a new perfume ritual.
Reine de Nuit is a testament to how empowering a rich floral perfume can be in the twilight hours. It revives the rich tradition of oriental perfumes and celebrates the intrinsic seductiveness of the rose. Reine de Nuit has a sensual and spellbinding scent.

Reine de Nuit perfume extract is:

  • Top: Blackcurrant, Saffron
  • Heart: Incense, Rose
  • Base: Ambrette Seeds, Patchouli

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