BYREDO eyes closed eau de parfum

BYREDO eyes closed eau de parfum

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BYREDO eyes closed eau de parfum

50ml .

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BYREDO eyes closed eau de parfum

50ml or 100ml.
Please note that BYREDO items are delivered only to Finland.

An olfactory experience that emotes connection yet still confounds expectations.

Eyes Closed echoes an idea of both the ancient world and the contemporary one in its construction. 

Top notes of cinnamon and cardamom, two of the most antique of fragrances, have a primal immediacy redolent of close comfort and warm skin for both men and women. While carrot, orris butter and ginger at once complement the top, yet freshly cut through any notion of cloying – at its heart, this is a modern relationship of equals. A mysterious matching of papyrus and patchouli is at the base, similarly ancient and yet unexpected and modern in their complexity. Anchoring all with a gravitas, both compelling and cocooning. 

Eyes Closed perfume is built on:
top - cardamom , cinnamon
heart - carrot , ginger , orris butter
base - papyrus , patchouli

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