OVEROSE anthurium holo candle
OVEROSE anthurium holo candle

OVEROSE anthurium holo candle

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OVEROSE anthurium hologram tuoksukynttilä (220 gr - paloaika n. 60 tuntia) .
Kynttilä on hienossa hologram lasissa.
Hinta 57€.

OVEROSE tuotteet nyt verkkokaupastamme!
Palvelemme sinua lisäksi kaupassamme Rautatienkadulla Lahdessa.
OVEROSE saatavilla kauttamme Suomeen, emme toistaiseksi voi valitettavasti lähettää tuotteita ulkomaille. Autamme ja vastaamme mielellämme kysymyksiinne, voit laittaa meiliä heidi@petitstlouis.fi , tai voit soittaa kaupalle puh. +358447345490.

OVEROSE anthurium holo fragranced candle
(220 grams - burning time aprx. 60 hours).
Candle comes in fantastic hologram glass and light wax
Price 57€.


OVEROSE anthurium is that magic girl blooming in the caribbean wilderness. some flowers are worth melting for.

the candle fuses with blackcurrant, fresh lychee, rose petals and wild caladium leaves.

smells like — floral, but green. fully bloomed with a wild rose and wild berries sensation.


blackcurrant berries
rose petals
lychee water
caladium leaves



overose anthurium — is a mix of a fizzy, fruity floral aroma with a splash of rose water. it consists of freshly-squeezed black currant fruits with a hint of refreshing tropical leaves blended with fresh lychee and garnished with pink rose petals. it is the perfect candle for the lover of floral and fruity combinations. best enjoyed with a glass of chilled water and a slice of fresh lime.

the rose in anthurium

the candle features a mist infused with rose petals. it is the scent of wild roses — dog rose /rosa canina — dewy and fresh with a juicy lychee sensation.



free of phthalates
signature perfume composition
natural essential oils
cruelty-free. not tested on animals.
signature botany blend wax
braided cotton and linen wick
raw materials of natural origin
environmentally friendly packaging

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