KUSMI TEA tsarevna special edition teabags (organic)

KUSMI TEA tsarevna special edition teabags (organic)

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Kusmi tea Tsarevna 

teepussit (24kpl/48gr)

hinta 24€


An organic recipe that takes you on a delicious walk down memory lane back to childhood!

Let’s go to the funfair! While wandering your way through the merry-go-round, you will come across the beautiful Tsarevna dressed in a new, limited-edition party gown! An elegant, green number decorated with carrousels straight from our favorite fairy tales.

As curious as Alice and as daring as Cinderella, this princess will take you on an adventure of exciting flavors with heady aromas of orange peel, spices, and licorice paired with a black tea base. And there’s no need to go home at midnight, pumpkin or not! Tsarevna does what she likes, brimming with confidence thanks to her official organic label!

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