Armor lux was founded 1938 as Bonneterie d’Armor in Quimper, France, from the desire of one man: Walter Hubacher. At the age of 31, this Swiss man made the bet to create and produce high-quality underwear under the Armor Lux brand name.

Armor lux is one of the original manufacturers of breton shirts, those classical and unique french striped shirts. Over 80 years of history guarantees the quality, still made in France.

Armor Lux has one of the latest vertically integrated textile production tools. It is composed of two industrial sites; the one located in the town center, includes the knitting and dyeing workshops and the analytical laboratory.

Armor Lux owns 85 circular knitting machines of various gauges and diameters which enable it to produce in large quantities the main types of plain or striped knitted fabric (Jersey, Côte, Interlock) used to make cotton clothing and underwear.